Wet Basements

Overflowing gutters, blocked downspouts, missing or blocked downspout drains, inadequate surface grading away from your house, and missing or blocked foundation drains are some of the most common causes of water in your basement. Improper compaction of soil backfill around your foundation can cause soil settlement which results in a low spot surrounding your home that collects runoff water and allows it to seep into your basement.

What To Look For

Inspecting your gutters and downspouts for overflow during heavy, continuous rain is a first step in finding the probable cause of water in your basement. Looking for areas where water collects in puddles next to your home may also be part of your water problems. Looking at the overall surface grade around your home is also important.

Basement window wells, if not graded away from your home, commonly cause water to run into your basement around the window frame. Wells not connected to a foundation or footing drain system are also sources of basement water during heavy rains.

Settlement cracking of basement walls and floors allows water, even under low pressure, to enter your basement.

Rock pockets in poorly consolidated concrete walls and floors are other possible sources of water that weeps into basements.

Your observations of where water goes, or doesn't go, during a heavy rain will help us find a cost-effective solution to your water problems.

We Warranty Our Work

At the completion of the job, our crews will restore the property to its original condition. Allied Waterproofing warrantees our systems for an appropriate period of time from the completion of the project, depending on the scope and design of the installation—typically anywhere from 3 to 20 years for most solutions. Any defects in construction or function of the system will be corrected in a timely manner.

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