Wet Crawl Spaces

Homeowners often discover that the areas below the floors of their home have standing water. Standing water in crawl spaces is associated with a variety of structural and environmental problems in homes and commercial buildings. The most common problems include: decay, wood destroying insect infestation, and mold.

At Allied Waterproofing & Drainage, we have had many years of experience in providing the proper solution and repairs necessary to fix and eliminate the water problem—ensuring the crawl space remains dry during all seasons and weather conditions.

Our Approach

It is our basic theory to address and divert the source of the water, rather than manage the water problem after it has occurred. The sources of water can be from a number of features such as: improper grading, poorly controlled roof runoff water, or naturally occurring ground water that exists in the earth.

At Allied Waterproofing & Drainage, we provide systems that control all of the likely sources of water in the crawl space by collecting it and coveying it away from the property.

We Warranty Our Work

At the completion of the job, our crews will restore the property to its original condition. Allied Waterproofing warrantees our systems for an appropriate period of time from the completion of the project, depending on the scope and design of the installation—typically anywhere from 3 to 20 years for most solutions. Any defects in construction or function of the system will be corrected in a timely manner.

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