Video Pipe Inspection & Drain Cleaning

If you have a problem with your sewer or drainage system, Allied Waterproofing & Drainage is fully-equipped to inspect, clean, and do the repair.

We have invested in some of the most technologically advanced video camera pipe inspection equipment available, allowing our experienced technicians to investigate any existing problems with your drainage system or side sewers.

Broken or plugged sewers and drainpipes compromise the efficiency and overall performance of your sewer and drain systems. With this camera, we can examine the condition of the pipe to determine where blockages may exist, and clean it with the use of our drain cleaning or water jetting machine.

If repair to the pipe is needed, the locator-equipped camera head allows us to pinpoint the problem areas from the surface in order to minimize the size and extent of access excavations and disturbance.

Our trenchless pipe replacement technology enables us to minimize the impact to your property.

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